Say hello to a SOLID career.

Built for your success.  
Personalized training with broker support. 
Created to benefit YOU.  

Pay as little as $299 per closing.  No monthly fees.

How do we do it? It's easy - we cut overhead expenses and built the business to be a virtual brokerage, passing the savings on to our agents.  This is how it should be.

Broker support 365 days a year.

Real estate agents work 7 days a week, and your broker should, too.   As a SOLID agent, you can always feel confident your broker is ready and willing to assist with any questions or issues you have any day of the week.

Free personalized training. 

We never charge you for training. It's our duty and our honor to make sure you are well-educated and able to represent your clients with 100% confidence and true professionalism. Our training consists of one-on-one sessions as needed, specifically 

tailored to your goals. 

No boring office meetings. 

Who loves sitting through boring meetings each week? No one! SOLID operates as a virtual brokerage so you can login and stay connected when it's convenient for YOU! Run your business according to the schedule that works best for you, and SOLID will be here to help you make it successful. 



At SOLID, you determine how to run your business.  We are here to advise and offer support as needed, but you have the freedom to create your own success.  


SOLID Real Estate Services is a virtual real estate brokerage serving the state of Texas.  We are hiring newly licensed and experienced agents from across the state.  SOLID is a cloud-based brokerage, meaning you are provided with all the technology tools needed to work remotely.  If you want to work for a broker in Texas who provides constant support and free training while offering a great commission structure, contact us today to learn more about SOLID!